The Moreno Valley Animal Shelter is located at 14041 Elsworth Street, between Cactus and Alessandro.

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Moreno Valley Animal Shelter Awarded $30,000 Grant to Support its many Lifesaving Programs
  The Moreno Valley Animal Shelter was awarded a $30,000 grant from the Petco Foundation to support its lifesaving programs to improve outcomes for the community’s companion animals. The grant funds will support services for both owned and homeless community pets, targeting in particular, vulnerable pets that have a higher likelihood of missing the opportunity to receive important medical support services such as spay and neuter procedures, routine vaccinations, and microchipping.

The objectives of this important funding are:
  • Keep community pets healthy and reduce the number of pets entering the Animal Shelter.
  • Achieve a 5% reduction in the annual intake of animals thereby allowing more time and space for shelter pets to achieve a positive outcome.
  • Assist our low-income residents who own pets with access to basic veterinary care for their pets through spay/neuter and routine vaccination services.
  • Continue with the successful TNR (Trap-Neuter-Release) Community & Feral Cat Program which has saved over 1,500 cats since this important and lifesaving program began on October 21, 2015.

This is the City’s third grant award from the Petco Foundation, which represents a total overall investment of $75,000 for the community’s pets since 2016.

“The Moreno Valley Animal Shelter greatly appreciates the Petco Foundation’s generous investments over the past three years toward these important lifesaving programs,” said Steve Fries, Moreno Valley’s Animal Services Division Manager. “We wish to extend a special thanks to the Petco Foundation Team for their ongoing support to our community’s pets.”

The Moreno Valley City Council accepted this grant award at its March 5, 2019 meeting. 

For more information about this grant award, visit or contact the Moreno Valley Animal Shelter at 951.413.3790 or visit the City’s web site at and click on “Animal Shelter.”



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Moreno Valley Animal Shelter
Moreno Valley Animal Shelter



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    Coyotes have been especially aggressive this year killing pets, small animals and baby donkeys. Check the city web site on the critters.


For more information call 951.413.3790




CONTACT: Steve Fries

Animal Services Division Manager


City of Moreno Valley

14177 Frederick Street

Moreno Valley, CA 92553


Moreno Valley Animal Shelter Seeks Adoption Ambassadors


Moreno Valley, CA - Moreno Valley is increasing the number of adoptions for homeless animals and wants to do even more. In an effort to boost the number of positive outcomes for homeless companion animals, the Moreno Valley Animal Shelter has launched the Adoption Ambassador Program sponsored, in part by the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA). Adoption Ambassadors foster, evaluate and ultimately find the animal a loving home. Moreno Valley is able to launch this program with the help of a $2,500 ASPCA grant.


"The City of Moreno Valley greatly appreciates the ASPCA's ongoing partnership and their generous contributions for this and other programs." said Mayor Yxstian Gutierrez. "Increasing adoption rates is job #1 at the Animal Shelter and a top priority for the City Council."


The Adoption Ambassador Program is an exciting program that many animal shelters are now using to provide a way for the community to be involved. Volunteers, or ambassadors, and staff work together to create the best possible scenario for homeless dogs and cats. Ambassadors receive training that provides them with the right tools to successfully adopt a pet into a new, lifelong loving home. This program is a win/win for the foster program and homeless animals.


For more Adoption Ambassador Program information, please contact Tammy Brooks at 951.413.3795. To find pets available for adoption please contact the Moreno Valley Animal Shelter at 951.413.3790 or visit the City's website at


Volunteer Opportunities Available with

Moreno Valley Animal Shelter


Moreno Valley, CA - Important opportunities are currently available for members of the community to assist staff at the Moreno Valley Animal Shelter as they care for shelter animals and promote pet adoptions.


Volunteer applications are accepted year-round from city residents and those in nearby communities wishing to provide their valuable services and time to help sheltered pets. Volunteer opportunities include the following:


* Pet Grooming

* Walking Dogs

* Pet Caretaker

* Pet Photography

* Lost & Found Services

* Pet Adoption Events


Applicants must attend an orientation, view several animal care training videos, complete and pass the related test, and pass a live scan fingerprinting background check.


Volunteer applications are available online at under the Animal Shelter webpage. Applications are also available and will be accepted in person at the Moreno Valley Animal Shelter.


For more information, contact Tammy Brooks, Senior Administrative Assistant of the Moreno Valley Animal Services Division, at 951.413.3795.



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City Offers Free Spay & Neuter Program

Moreno Valley, CA- The Moreno Valley Animal Shelter is offering free spay and neuter services for dogs and cats, with vouchers distributed to Moreno Valley residents on a first come, first serve basis at the Shelter. In the City of Moreno Valley, pet owners are required to spay and neuter their dogs and cats. This free spay and neuter program will help residents comply with the requirement and become a part of the ongoing effort to reduce pet overpopulation.

Altering pets provides several positive impacts to individual households as well as the community by reducing the number of unwanted litters, increasing the health of pets as medical evidence suggests, and helping to limit the number of pets at the Animal Shelter.

Free spay and neuter vouchers can be redeemed by City of Moreno Valley residents with proof of residency such as a valid ID that reflects a current address or a copy of a current utility bill. Qualifying dogs and cats must be 4 months or older and in good health. Pets currently impounded at the Moreno Valley Animal Shelter are not eligible.

Vouchers are limited as the offer is only valid until funding for this program is exhausted. No more than 4 vouchers will be issued per household. Vouchers are to be used at designated veterinary clinics. Residents are encouraged to make an appointment to have their pet altered as soon as possible.


For more information about this limited time offer, contact the Moreno Valley Animal Shelter at 951.413.3790.

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CONTACT:Steve Fries

Animal Services Division Manager


City of Moreno Valley

14177 Frederick Street

Moreno Valley, CA 92553




Win-Win in Moreno Valley

Animal Shelter Wins ASPCA Grant, Families gain forever friends


Moreno Valley, CA- The Moreno Valley Animal Shelter was awarded a $5,000 grant as winner of the 'Breaking 300' Award granted by the 2014 ASPCA Rachael Ray $100k Challenge. The $5,000 grant awarded by the ASPCA recognizes the significant achievement made by the Moreno Valley Animal Shelter having worked to secure final placement of more than 300 pets during the three month long ASPCA Challenge as compared to last year during the same June 1 - August 31 time period. The $5,000-Breaking 300 grant award will be used to boost the number of pet adoptions by altering pets during special pet adoption events. It is anticipated that 60 to 70 adoptable pets will be spayed or neutered using these grant funds.


Meeting these goals was no small undertaking, however thanks to a supportive City Council and an enthusiastic community, great progress was made to spay and neuter more animals and to place more animals with loving families. The end of the ASPCA Challenge is not the end of the City's effort to increase lives saved.


This grant award acceptance was presented and accepted by the Moreno Valley City Council at the November 18, 2014 City Council meeting.


For more information about this grant award by the ASPCA, contact the Moreno Valley Animal Shelter at 951.413.3790 or visit the City's web site at and click on "Animal Shelter". 


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